1. The Accidental Star: Trisha Kar Madhu never intended for her video to go viral. She was simply sharing a moment from her daily life.

2. The Power of Relatability: What made this video resonate with millions was its sheer relatability. People from all walks of life saw themselves in Trisha's shoes.

3. Global Audience: This video reached a diverse audience across the globe, transcending language barriers.

5. Unexpected Celebrity: She became an overnight sensation, gaining a following she could have never anticipated.

Plants! 6. A Viral Challenge: The video even inspired countless parodies and challenges, keeping the momentum alive.

7. Positive Vibes: The video's positivity and light-heartedness was a breath of fresh air in a challenging year.

8. Timelessness: Despite the fast-paced nature of the internet, Trisha's video continues to be relevant and heartwarming.